Blender is a 3D modeling software used across many industries. It is very intimidating, with tons of features and options. After doing only the most basic operations, I realized that I needed a bit more if I wanted to be serious, even while producing placeholders for my games. I just finished a course from Grant Abbit and this is the result:

A cute little witch house on a floating island.

I had stumbled onto one of their videos before thanks to The Algorithm. I liked a lot their way of talking and teaching and when I saw a bundle with their course for cheap, I decided to follow it. It is an exceptional course and Grant does a lot of stuff right that makes learning easy. I went for learning Blender basics, but I think I had also much to learn with how they are teaching.

  • Express themselves clearly with no filler.
  • Explain to you how/why something is done and then explain stuff in a succinct manner.
  • Give you time to understand the exercise and follow along, with frequent pauses to be sure you’re up to speed.
  • Ask questions and challenge you, during the course, without blocking you if you are stuck.

The quality of the teaching really amazed me, for a pre-recorded video.

And I’m pretty happy with the project’s end result! You can download it here if you are curious.